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If I crawled to you honey
Would you give me half a chance, Babe?
If I fell at your feet
Would you pick me up and dance?
Your leading me all over you see
Now the picture is comin’ in view
It’s clear to see
The puzzle is me
(And) the missing pieces are you
If I step on your toes
Please accept my apology
When your eyes meet mine
I’m in total ecstasy.
Spin me around
I dig the way that you move me
Mix me up
Come on shatter me.
(You’re) Tossin’ me
(You’re) Twirlin’ me
Now you spin me all over the floor
(You’re) Wowin’ me
(You’re) Whirlin’ me
This jigsaw’s the dance I adore
Let me be your puzzle
I know we’re a perfect fit
In you’re arms when we nuzzle
I can’t get enough of it.

Instrumental Break, Repeat 2nd Verse until Coda.

Coda till end:
If I crawled to you honey
Would you give me half a chance……Give me half a chance……
Just give me a half of a Chance!!  Let’s Dance!!

Tuttrup Music Company ® 2009 - All Rights Reserved